As you probably know, our Hliniszcze Foundation has been involved in material and non-material aid to Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict. Those of you who follow us on Facebook know about our organized and co-organized expeditions „to” and „abroad”. We carry medicines, food, dressings, medical and tactical equipment. Every trip to Korczowa, Lviv, Gródek, Tarnopol or Żółkiew is financed by your donations. It is thanks to you that we are able to supply the shelters built on the Polish border and transfer deep into Ukraine what is needed there very much now. It is thanks to you that we bring comfort to the locals and a little bit of hope that they are not alone in the face of danger. Each course, and there were already a dozen of them, takes those who are stuck somewhere in their wandering on their way to Poland. We deliver refugees to Rzeszów, Tarnów and Kraków. Here they find a warm and friendly corner and a moment of breath to reorganize their current life. Our foundation additionally launched, on the first day of the war, free legal advice for refugees. Every day we help in legalizing the stay, taking up legal work, family reunification and preventing the crime that usually accompanies military operations. Thanks to your financial support, we help every day people who, through no fault of their own, have found themselves in a critical situation. Tomorrow, before dawn, a group of our volunteers together with volunteers from the USA will start another transport. We constantly collect dressings, medications, aggregates, batteries, power banks, flashlights, tourniquets, cordure. We need food and hygiene supplies. We need gas. We carry not only material things – we also carry hope. Without your donation, we will not be able to continue our work. We encourage you to participate in our project!

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